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Buy 2-Fluoro-Deschloroketamine
Buy 2-FDCK online

We know there are many people looking to buy 2-fdck online but they don’t know who to trust. You are at the right place, chemandpills have been among the best research chemicals suppliers for over 8 years now and our product are pure quality, added to the fact that we ship very discretely and globally at low rates. Also known as 2-Fl-2′-Oxo-PCM, Fluoroketamine and 2-FDCK, 2-fdck is an analogue of ketamine in which the chlorine group has been replaced by fluorine and it is mostly a dissociative anesthetic. Molecurlarly, 2-FDCK is mostly composed of ketamine thus the name 2-Fluoro-Deschloroketamine. The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are not known

Buy 2-FDCK online

Formal Name: 2-(2-fluorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone, monohydrochloride
CAS Number: 111982-49-1
Synonyms: 2-FDCK
Molecular Formula: C13H16FNO • HCl
Formula Weight: 257.7
Purity: ≥98%
Formulation: A crystalline solid
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Pain relief
Spontaneous physical sensations
Physical euphoria
Motor control loss
Perception of bodily lightness
Physical autonomy
Spatial disorientation
Tactile suppression
Orgasm suppression
Dependence and abuse potential

As with other NMDA receptor antagonists, the chronic use of 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine can be considered moderately addictive with a high potential for abuse and is capable of causing psychological dependence among certain users. When addiction has developed, cravings and withdrawal effects may occur if a person suddenly stops their usage.

Tolerance to many of the effects of 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine develops with prolonged and repeated use. This results in users having to administer increasingly large doses to achieve the same effects. After that, it takes about 3 – 7 days for the tolerance to be reduced to half and 1 – 2 weeks to be back at baseline (in the absence of further consumption). 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine presents cross-tolerance with all dissociatives, meaning that after the consumption of 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine all dissociatives will have a reduced effect.
Urinary tract effects

In terms of its long-term health effects when used repeatedly and with excess for extended periods of time, 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine seems to exhibit almost identical bladder and urinary tract problems to those found within ketamine but to a lesser extent. This is because 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine is a little more potent than ketamine, meaning that less of the drug needs to be consumed. Symptoms of ketamine-induced cystitis can become extremely serious and can be described as:

Urinary frequency – Urinary frequency is the need to empty the bladder every few minutes.
Urinary urgency – This can be described as a sudden, compelling need to urinate.
Urinary pressure – This is experienced as a constant sensation of fullness in the bladder that is unrelieved by urination.
Pelvic and bladder pain – Pain can develop suddenly and severely, particularly as the bladder fills with urine.
Hematuria – Hematuria is visible blood in the urine.
Incontinence – This is the leakage of urine.

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