The 4 Largest Casinos In The World: 3 Are In China, In Macau

Cards, Poker, Casino, Girl, Game, PlayThere are four largest casinos in the world: three in the autonomous region of Macau , China, and the last one in Connecticut . In such places it is possible to find spectacular places, with games of all kinds and players from all over the world. Here, putting your skills to the test and creating new and always stimulating dynamics is the order of the day. Destinations for the curious and not, these four spectacular casinos present themselves as one of a kind. Let’s find out, therefore, the architectural features and the various games offered.

The 3 big casinos in Macau

Around the world it is possible to find different casinos, but few are able to stand out for the large size that is also accompanied by a wider variety of games and a greater turnout . Four casinos, however, are known to most as the ” largest in the world “: three of these in China and one in the United States of America .

Roulette, Table, Chips, Casino, GameMacau is a small city in China which, however, boasts a very high population density and is defined as the ” gaming capital of the world “. Its uniqueness, in fact, lies in the fact that it has made gaming a real business . The Eastern Las Vegas , in fact, hosts three of the largest casinos in the world with the most varied architectures and the most disparate themes. These are:

  1. Venetian Casino : as the name suggests, this 51,000 square meter structure is modeled on the city of Venice. The shopping center features artificial canals that can be traveled by gondola and an all-Italian architecture. Inside you can find 3,000 slot machines and 870 gaming tables. The largest casino in the world is divided into thematic areas and a VIP wing.
  2. City of Dreams : the 39,000 square meters of this casino are located within a vast modern resort built in 2019. There are more than 1500 slots and 500 gaming tables, a vastness that confirms this casino as second only to the Venetian.
  3. Deck 16 : this casino is located inside a resort, such as the City of Dreams. Equipped with two VIP areas, in this structure you can find 109 gaming tables and 307 slot machines.

Macau , therefore, is confirmed as the holder of the first, second and fourth largest casino in the world, while the third place is occupied by a structure located in the state of Connecticut .