Table games: what are they and which are most played?

Dice, Gamble, Game, Luck, Cube, CasinoThe casinos are among the most famous places in which to play, always challenging new players constantly putting their skills to the test. Among the many attractions available, the Table Games are among all the best known, also because they are often protagonists of out-of-the-ordinary dynamics .

Let’s see what they are, which are the most played and which are the main rules.

What are table games?

The table games online are presented as one of the most famous attractions in the world of casinos. These, in order to satisfy all the numerous and different players, offer a large selection of games of the most varied categories. Just like traditional board games, a set of predefined rules must be followed to participate and win the game .

Each table games, in fact, is characterized by a specific interface. Thanks to the presence of animations, cameras and the integration of multiple sound effects, the player, wherever he is, has the opportunity to capture instant withdrawal online casino singapore all the typical atmosphere of a casino .

Playing table games: here are which ones to choose

Play, Poker, Pleasure, Luck, CardsThe selection of table games available is wide and varied. Each is characterized by a standardized procedure, but despite this all are presented as intuitive and engaging . Moreover, almost all of them are characterized by the presence of the croupier , a figure who acts as a presenter taking care of serving the game table.

The alternatives are, therefore, numerous and each player has the possibility to choose between different alternatives. Between these:

  1. Seven and a half at fixed odds : one of the most popular card games, requires that for each turn the player and the dealer take a card. The aim is to achieve a higher score than the dealer, without exceeding the value of 7 and a half.
  2. Side Bet City : traditional poker game, you can play simultaneously with other participants. Before placing a bet, the player chooses one of the following options: 3, 5 or 7 card deck. The dealer deals 7 cards which, in order, make up the contents of the three different decks.
  3. 2 Hand Casino Hold’em : This is a variant of Hold’em poker casino in which one or more players challenge the dealer at the same time. Each player receives 2 starting cards and 5 cards are deposited on the playing field. The aim is to get the best poker hand by matching the 2 personal cards to 3 cards chosen from the community cards.
  4. Monopoly live : in this the presenter spins a wheel divided into wedges. Each segment is characterized by a wording. To win the game it is necessary to guess the segment where the wheel will stop.
  5. Super Sic Bo : dice game, the main purpose is to guess what the result of throwing three dice will be. Each player has the option to choose from a number of predefined combinations. Before rolling the dice, the presenter selects some of them to which an additional prize will be applied.
  6. Baccarat : in this game the participants challenge the dealer, trying to get a maximum score of 9. Each game lasts about 38 seconds and all the cards used retain their original value, with the exception of the figures, which acquire the value 0, and the aces, with a value of 1. All players are dealt two cards and the winner is the one who gets the score closest to 9. However, there are several variations of baccarat, most of which are characterized by the same procedure.
  7. Punto Banco live : another variant of live Baccarat, in this the player plays against the dealer and both receive two playing cards. The winner of the game is the one who obtains the highest score, without exceeding 9. One of the main rules allows you to request an additional card, following the first two, in the event that the player reaches a score less than or equal to 5.
  8. Dragon Tiger live : latest variant of live Baccarat, in which the dealer draws two cards and the player has to guess which of the two has the higher score.

The online table games , therefore, are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to relive the inimitable atmosphere typical of the casino world. On you can test your skills, get involved and always challenge new opponents.